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Lebanese queue for cooking gas amid economic crisis Lebanese wait to fill their gas cylinders after dealers warned it could soon join the list of scarce goods, prompting a country-wide panic Mahmoud ZAYYAT AFP Lebanese lined up in long queues Tuesday to stock up on cooking gas following warnings of imminent shortages, as an economic crisis eats away at supplies of basic imports. Lebanon, grappling with an economic crisis branded by the World Bank as one of the planet's worse since the mid-19th century, has been hit in recent months by a wave of shortages of basic items from medicine to fuel. Liquefied petroleum gas, usually sold in cannisters and used widely in homes and businesses for cooking and heating, had been readily available in the market. But importers warned it would soon join the list of scarce goods, prompting a country-wide panic. "Our current stock will last one week," said Farid Zeynoun, who heads a syndicate of petroleum gas distributors. "After which, if no solution is found, gas used in homes will be sold on the black market." Zeynoun blamed the crisis on a delay by the central bank in opening credit lines to fund imports. Gas is subsidised by the government with a set price, but dealers warn that if official supplies run dry, prices could shoot up by more than a third. Foreign currency reserves are rapidly depleting, forcing the country to scale-down imports to shore up the little money it has left. Zeynoun said that a vessel carrying 5,000 tonnes of liquified petroleum docked in Lebanese waters 17 days ago, but is awaiting approval by the authorities to unload its cargo. The official National News Agency reported "unprecedented" demand for gas in the northern Akkar district. "Importing companies have stopped meeting our gas needs," said Walid al-Hayek, the head of a gas distribution company, according to NNA. Hayek also blamed the crisis on a central bank delay in opening credit lines. In the southern city of Sidon, people flocked to a local gas supplier to refill their cannisters. "Is there anything more humiliating than this?" asked Mohammad Ali Hasan, one of those in the queue, waiting for hours under the scorching sun. "We use gas... to cook for our children... we will soon wait in line for water".

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“They also are the party who is selling you the service. You’re not the expert. You can’t observe what they’re doing. Even if you could, you might not have any idea whether the work is good or not. So you have to trust them to explain what you need and to charge you honestly for it.”. Similarly, an audit committee isn’t watching someone audit everything, but if the committee contains a person with accounting expertise, then collectively this group should comprehend more about what is actually needed. “Plus, the auditor obviously knows who’s on the committee,” Wilkins said in a statement. “So if the auditor knows that some of the committee members are accounting experts, then he might be less likely to over-audit or not audit enough.” Despite the obvious benefits, many companies don’t include accounting experts on their audit committees. “I don’t think it’s likely they actively would avoid it,” Wilkins stated. “It’s just that they might not understand the benefit of having someone on there who has accounting expertise versus other types of financial expertise.” The study found the results in certain situations apply more for smaller firms than for the Big Four firms. “Auditors work hard to uphold their reputation,” Wilkins stated. “That is a very strong incentive from their perspective. But smaller audit firms are generally less monitored by factors related to litigation and reputation. So it’s even more important in those situations that the audit committee is working toward doing what it needs to be doing.” Wilkins hopes the study leads to practical benefits for companies. “What our results show here is that — particularly for companies that are not audited by the large audit firms — it really adds a lot of value to have somebody on the audit committee with significant accounting experience,” he said. The buy will extend's global reach. The buy will extend's global reach.