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At these Games, there might not be an athlete embodying a story with a greater combination of sacrifice, courage and long-lasting impact for others than the ever-revered Allyson Felix. The 35-year-old queen of American track is one for the ages. On Friday, Felix ran the women's 400-meter final in 49.46 seconds to capture her first Olympic bronze medal and add to a legendary career.  Then, Saturday night at Olympic Stadium, Felix ran the second leg of a loaded women's 4x400 relay team. Everyone on the team had a gold to their name entering the race, including 2021 breakout stars Sydney McLaughlin and Athing Mu, who won their golds earlier in the week. The fourth member, Dalilah Muhammad, won gold in the 400-meter hurdles in 2016 and took silver behind McLaughlin on Wednesday.  The U.S. quartet blew the field away. With Mu anchoring the relay, Team USA crossed first in 3:16.85. That gold-winning performance put Felix on an echelon all to her own in Olympic history. With this being her final Olympics, Felix will finish with 11 medals -- the most of any track and field athlete in history. Seven golds, three silvers and a bronze.  Track sports are normally not for the aged, yet here is Felix -- who just became the oldest U.S. woman to ever win a gold track medal -- with at least one podium appearance in five consecutive Olympics. That's only been done by two other athletes: Jamaican track stars Merlene Ottey and Veronica Campbell-Brown. For four consecutive Olympics, from 2008-2021, Felix won a gold medal. Unprecedented in American track history. On Friday, in the 400, Felix got it done by running like the exceptional, resilient veteran she is, doing so from all the way out in Lane 9. That's not the spot most sprinters win medals from.  But as we've seen for well over a decade: Felix isn't most sprinters.   The greatest runner in women's track history held her elongated turn with confident pace and never relented on her speed in the final 50 meters. Not only was it fast enough for a bronze, it was Felix rising to a necessary Olympic level once more in order to find the podium. That 49.46 sprint was Felix's fastest 400 time in six years -- meaning she ran better in Tokyo as a 35-year-old mom than when she took the silver in this event in 2016 at the age of 30. It was, in fact, the second-fastest 400 Felix ran in her life.


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