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According to the audit, the results of which were presented during a SEIL meeting last week, the region does not have recorded liability for compensated absence, meaning the region does not have money to cover an employee if they were to leave and be entitled to a payout of those benefits, but those liabilities are recorded somewhere else: in the county budgets. “Those would be reported in the audit of each county that has employees of Southeast Iowa Regional Link,” said Des Moines County Budget Director Cheryl McVey, who handles some of the fiscal agent work for the SEIL region, which includes the counties of Des Moines, Henry, Jefferson, Keokuk, Lee, Louisa, Van Buren and Washington.  When a governmental entity is audited, the auditor is not simply looking at the entity's financial records. They are looking at the whole package, part of which includes whether good government principles are being followed. As a result, even though compensated activity liabilities are taken care of, because they are not directly taken care of by the SEIL region, this counts as a mark against the region on its audit. More: Iowa schools shore up mental health services with CARES Act funding SEIL Chief Executive Officer Ryanne Wood said that while it may look like an issue, the auditors know there's nothing the region could do to fix the error and as such it would only become a problem for SEIL if an employee were to leave and the county would have to pay out compensated absences. "Management has not recorded a liability for compensated absences in governmental activities and, accordingly, has not recorded an expense for the current year change in that liability," the audit report states. There is, however, no penalty for the region for the error. The error itself may be an unintended consequence of the way Iowa's mental health and disability regions operate and pay their employees. Prior to regionalization, counties levied for mental health services and paid their own expenses. But under the region system, each county is required to pay a designated amount to the region through its mental health levy. The region then writes a check back for the county if need be. The amount paid by each region is correlated to a certain per capita expense the county is supposed to pay. In the SEIL region, the counties must pay the region $42 per resident, regardless of what levy rate this causes. The amount the counties get back from the region has nothing to do with what it pays in. Des Moines County made a payment of $1.2 million to the region in FY20, but only got back about $200,000. Some counties got back substantially more, while others got substantially less. Each county gets paid back for specific services they offer.  The money Des Moines County gets back goes to pay for mental health advocates, who help those who have been placed under court commitments. All mental health employees except advocates in the SEIL region are employed by a county and only work within their county, with the exception of Wood, who is paid a small amount by the region for serving as CEO.  The money included in the liability for compensated absences for the two advocates does exist, it just exists in Des Moines County where are the advocates are employed. However, year after year, this continues to be a mark on the region's record since it's not done the way an auditor is looking for, even though this is the only way it can be done by the region.


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HSE chief Paul Reid Some 1,126 new cases of Covid-19 have been reported in Ireland, according to the Department of Health.  The figures show that a total of 123 patients are hospitalised with Covid-19, with 22 people in intensive care units. Meanwhile, HSE chief Paul Reid has urged people to "embrace” the further reopening of hospitality safely as he said that nearly 70pc of adults are now fully vaccinated. He said that over 5.5m vaccines have now been administered. Mr Reid added that 83pc of adults are now partially vaccinated and over 68pc are fully vaccinated. "As hospitality, society and the economy opens up further, let’s all embrace it safety and make it work.” Yesterday, he said that vaccinations are critical for turning the tide on the Delta variant. He urged anyone over the age of 18 to register for their jab. “Just a reminder to anyone at any age over 18 that you can still register. If you are fully vaccinated you have high levels of protection against being hospitalised or ICU. Let's turn the tide on #DeltaVariant,” he said. A total of 1,345 new cases of Covid-19 were confirmed. His words come on the eve of the return of indoor hospitality tomorrow for those who are fully vaccinated or who have recently recovered from Covid-19, and their children. Get ahead of the day with the morning headlines at 7.30am and Fionnán Sheahan's exclusive take on the day's news every afternoon, with our free daily newsletter. Draft guidelines for the reopening of bars and restaurants indoors were published late on Friday, and included requirements for businesses to take contact details of every customer, and staff every entrance to their premises. “The guidelines will provide practical guidance for the safe reopening of indoor hospitality while also helping to instil public confidence in the safety of businesses,” said Fáilte Ireland. “While businesses providing indoor hospitality are being asked to implement and adhere to specified protective measures, so too must customers who are availing of indoor hospitality to ensure a safe environment for all,” The regulations are expected to be formally signed off on today.