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Black travelers, in particular, are increasingly looking for ways to show their support for Black-owned travel businesses. Even as the family road trip has made a comeback in the wake of the coronavirus, that sort of trip hasn’t been a source of unfettered freedom for generations of Black motorists because of Jim Crow laws enforcing racial segregation in America. And now, after a year in which protests of the police killings of Black people amplified the perils of skin color, Black travelers are seeking out Black travel agents, Black hoteliers and Black-owned short-term rentals in addition to organizing in groups dedicated to Black travelers. In fact, according to the international survey of nearly 4,000 Black leisure travelers by MMGY Global, 54 percent of American respondents said they were more likely to visit a destination if they saw Black representation in travel advertising. In Britain and Ireland, 42 percent echoed that sentiment, and in Canada that number was 40 percent. “Another highly influential factor in the decision-making process is whether the destination is perceived as safe for Black travelers,” the survey noted. “Seventy-one percent of U.S. and Canadian respondents felt safety was extremely or very influential to their decision.” In Facebook groups, Clubhouse chat rooms and across other social media platforms, Black travelers regularly ask one another for recommendations about where to travel, particularly about where others have been where they felt safe and welcome. While these questions are often about foreign destinations, in a year when Americans could largely only travel within the United States, inquiries increasingly arose about where travelers felt safe within the country. “I was just curious on some good and safe locations for a first time solo traveler here in the States,” one woman posted in a group specifically for Black women travelers in June. “Where’s a good ‘safe’ place to travel in the States?” asked another woman who was planning a 35th birthday trip with her sister. This type of community gathering, though now online, isn’t new. For decades, African American travelers have looked to one another for guidance on where to travel. The most referenced form was Victor Hugo Green’s Green Book , a guide for Black travelers that was published annually from 1936 to 1966. Last summer, facing an onslaught of messaging from travel companies saying that the full details they supported the Black Lives Matter movement and would be committing to diversifying their ranks and finding other ways to be more inclusive, Kristin Braswell, the owner of CrushGlobal , a company that works with locals around the world to plan trips, decided to make the inclusion of Black businesses central to her work. As a Black woman with a passion for travel, she started making travel guides that focused on supporting Black businesses. Each guide, whether it be to national parks, beach towns or wine country, provides information on businesses owned by Black people as well as guidance about diversity in the area and more. “These road trips and initiatives that speak to people of color in general are important because we’ve been left out of travel narratives,” Ms. Braswell said.


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The International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) promotes the safe and effective use of powered access equipment worldwide, including guidance on the use of MEWPs. The advantage of MEWPs is that they excel in a very wide range of applications and environments, says IPAF. MEWPs provide a safe working platform to inspect bridges, structures and aircraft as well as cranes. The latest safety campaign by IPAF, ‘Plan Ahead’, identifies that poor planning is a key factor in falls from height. To prevent accidents it is critical that proper planning is undertaken. This includes risk assessment, active supervision of work at height, and using trained operators to minimise risks. “It’s vital that proper risk assessments are carried out prior to using a MEWP at height and that the operator has the relevant training,” explains Andrew Delahunt, the IPAF Director of Technical and Safety. “Those conducting inspection and maintenance on cranes should follow a safe working method with a trained and competent person operating the MEWP. Not to mention that having a clear rescue plan to recover the platform due to malfunction or an emergency is a critical part of the planning.” Using a MEWP to inspect cranes is very effective, and can be done safely with the right preparation, adds IPAF. The increasing use of mobile platforms to inspect cranes means that the use of ladders for maintenance processes on lifting equipment has “virtually disappeared from the industry”, according to Denis Hogan, performance and special projects manager at LEEA, a representative body for companies and organisations involved in the lifting industry worldwide. “Nowadays, the industry is a lot safer than it was in the past, and the UK has really led the way since the Health and Safety at Work Act of 1974, which gives clear guidelines on how to safely use equipment and best practice for the industry,” he adds. Ladders are now only advised for use as a last resort, with semi-permanent structures preferred for performing inspection. “Ladders might be built-in to cranes as a means of gaining access to gantry systems, but generally most operators use MEWPs,” says Hogan. The benefits of these platforms are selfevident: they provide operators with a stable working area and the ability to have a means of attachment—in other words to clip on to this structure—as a fail-safe. “The provision to clip on with a fall arrest device is a major advantage of using a MEWP,” notes Hogan. MEWPs themselves are also being designed with enhanced safety features. For instance, Skyjack recently introduced secondary guarding that is said to prevent operators from being trapped against the machine’s controls. “Our MEWPs also require two handed operation, which forces operators to pay full attention when using them and consequently can help reduce accidents,” says Hall at Skyjack. Whether or not to use a fall arrest system in conjunction with a working platform will depend on the type of platform being used. “Using a harness on a scissor lift may prevent operators from doing their job properly,” adds Hall. A committed follower of the “safety first” approach outlined by the HSE, Denis Hogan has decades of experience in the industrial sector and believes that good practice in this area is underpinned by a rigorous programme of maintenance and servicing.